segunda-feira, 6 de julho de 2009

Barra da Lagoa

This picture was taken at Barra da Lagoa, which is a small fishing village in the city of Florianópolis. It is situated at the mouth of a tidewater channel that links Lagoa da Conceição (a lagoon) to the sea. There is a pedestrian-only bridge across the tidewater channel, from which this picture was shot. It was completely renovated and strengthened in 2007. On the far side of the bridge there are many houses and a path that leads to a tiny beach and a track to a natural pool. Around the beach of Barra da Lagoa there are a lot of restaurants specialized in sea food. You can also buy fresh fish from the local fishermen, or participate in the Tainha Festival, which takes place in the winter.

Esta foto foi tirada na Barra da Lagoa, que é uma vila de pescadores na cidade de Florianópolis. Está localizada na boca de um canal que liga a Lagoa da Conceição ao mar. Há uma ponte (que era pênsil, mas foi reformada em 2007) sobre o canal, de onde esta foto foi tirada. Dou outro lado da ponte há um caminho que conduz a uma prainha e uma trilha que leva a piscinas naturais. Na praia da Barra da Lagoa há muitos restaurantes especializados em frutos do mar. Também é possível comprar peixe fresco dos pescadores locais, ou participar da Festa da Tainha, que ocorre no inverno.

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  1. Cara Paty,
    I'm so glad to find a photo blog about Florianópolis. I'm portugese. I was born an live in Madeira island, in Portugal, but I love Brazil, the real Brazil with is beauty and nice people. And, I think it was about four years ago, I went in the place that you love. I'm a journalist and I go there to a travel convention. I just stay one day in the capital and then go to Costão do Santinho, a nice resort with a magnific beach.
    Paulo Camacho

  2. Beautiful area. I love the how colorful the houses and buildings are. You don't see that around Orlando.

  3. Wonderful picture, Paty! I'd sit on the big rock with a sandwich and not move!

  4. Beautiful photos, Paty! It's always good to see more CDP from South America, and specially from Brazil, one of the countries I can't wait to visit (despite it's so close).

    Saludos desde Chile! (I could have posted this in Portunhol, but I understand better than writing it).

  5. Floripa is so beautiful! I went there 3 times myself, whilst working for Varig in Europe. I really miss it! Tenho saudade!!!

  6. It also looks good for snorkling ...

  7. hi Eamon, yes, dependind on the tides and the winds, it´s a good place for snorkelling

  8. Paty é mesmo muito bonito Florianopolis.
    Bom fim de semana.