segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

Santo Antonio de Lisboa´s oldest square 1 ... praça mais antiga de Santo Antonio de Lisboa 1

This is a part of the square I mentioned last post. It was late at night, but still there were some artisans. The second picture shows the front part of the wall I showed in the last post. It says " In 1698 january 11th, were conceived the first portions of this land to Father Matheus de Leão and to some portuguese families. In 1748 the açorians came in a large group to occupy and guarantee the territory. It as raised to the category of Freguesia by Dom João V in 1750 april 27th with the following name Nossa Senhora das Necessidades da Praia Comprida. In 1948 it received the present name, Santo Antonio de Lisboa. It´s cultural wealth is the result of the life, work and habits of the carijós (indians), portugueses, africans and much others, that, until today, compose a simple life, fraternal and hospitable."
Esta é uma parte da pracinha de que falei no último post. A segunda foto mostra a frente do mural de que falei no outro post, contando um pouco da história local.

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